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Expired Event - Meeting of The Prospect Heritage Trust - 10 Nov 2019

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Meeting of The Prospect Heritage Trust

Sun 10 Nov 2019
Not Required
Parking Available, Toilet on Site
Event will continue in wet weather
The next meeting of The Prospect Heritage Trust will be at 10.30am on Sunday, 10 November, 2019. The venue for the meeting will be ‘The Prospect History Cottage’ which is situated on William Lawson Drive, Prospect Reservoir.

PLEASE NOTE: The speaker will be talking at 10.30am, this will be followed by morning tea and then the General Meeting.

The Guest Speaker will be Graham Sims JP. Graham had a 40+ year career in education, as teacher, consultant, Chief of Public Relations, Principal, Inspector of Schools and Director of Education.

He specialised in Languages, teaching French, German, Indonesian, Malay and English, both here and overseas. After his retirement in 2000 he served as Principal of two Islamic Colleges in Sydney.

Graham has a wide variety of interests, including wildlife conservation, cryptozoology, folk history and the restoration of vintage microcars (or ‘bubblecars’) of which he owns and drives three.

Graham’s talk is called ARTHUR STACE: “THE ETERNITY MAN”

For over 37 years and written over half a million times, throughout the city of Sydney, on footpaths, stone steps, in doorways and in many public places, appeared a mysterious, one-word sermon... ETERNITY... first in chalk, and later in crayon, (because it didn’t wash away in the rain.)

It was not there one minute, and there the next. For at least 25 of those years, no-one knew who was writing it, or what it actually meant.

The story of the ‘Eternity’ message, and of the quiet, dignified, private little man who wrote it, has at last become part of Sydney’s folk history
‘The Prospect History Cottage’
William Lawson Drive,
Prospect Reservoir.
  9621 8225

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