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Celebrating NSW’s newest Assistive Technology Mentors

posted: 21 May 2021
Providing meaningful employment and essential peer support for people with disability in NSW

Three people with disability and one carer in NSW graduated this week with qualifications that support them to have meaningful employment, and enable them to support seniors and people with disability to have greater independence, community participation and life fulfilment.

Diana Chandramohan, Peter Simpson and Sophie Marmont received their Certificate IV in Assistive Technology Mentoring, and Kay Lang received a Certificate of Attainment in Assistive Technology Mentoring.

Congratulating the graduates, Assistive Technology Australia CEO Robyn Chapman said people with disabilities and carers are an untapped resource in the community.

“AT Mentors work in various roles across the sector, including in information and advice, support co-ordination, NDIA Planning, Allied Health and in their own businesses. By supporting more people to access AT mentor qualification, we are helping the community to harness the skill, knowledge and experience of people with disabilities through valued employment and career paths,” Robyn said.

“The important role of AT mentors is articulated within the NDIA Assistive Technology Strategy and the use of AT mentors support people with disability to understand and gain access to the right assistive technology for them and their lifestyle—reducing assistive technology waste and abandonment.”

Graduate Peter Simpson said AT Mentors give peer perspectives on assistive technology options for people with disability.

“When I was growing up I wish there were AT Mentors. Growing up, I spoke with professionals about what assistive technology was available to me, but having peer input would have made a great difference,” Peter says. 

“There is a vital role for AT Mentors now and into the future, working side-by-side with allied professionals to give a peer view and support.”

Assistive Technology Australia has been providing AT Mentor qualifications 6 years now and all graduates of the Certificate IV have either found meaningful employment or enhanced their employment as a result of the training. Some graduates are also self-employed. 

“Here at Assistive Technology Australia, we employ AT Mentors within our services; enhancing our information, advice and guidance with trained lived experience,” Robyn said.

“We are committed to training AT Mentors and providing meaningful career paths for people with disabilities across the world, not just here in NSW. Our current student intake includes 20 people from across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Rwanda.”

“We’re so thrilled to celebrate our four NSW graduates today!”

The graduation took place at the Assistive Technology  display house in Blacktown.

Andrew Dy, Sophie Marmont, Peter Simpson, Diana Chandramohan, Robyn Champan.
Andrew Dy, Sophie Marmont, Peter Simpson, Diana Chandramohan, Robyn Champan.
Diana Chandramohan, Ann-Mason Furmage and Robyn Champan
Diana Chandramohan, Ann-Mason Furmage and Robyn Champan

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